Beginners Registration

Medieval Combat Group will be a Beginners Course on Monday nights from the 7th January, starting 7:15pm.  The course will run for 8 weeks and cost £80.

I understand that whilst care is taken to ensure a safe training environment, the occasional bruise/sprain/strain is likely as this is a contact based martial art.

Drills and content must be trained as instructed, and the provided protective equipment must be worn when an instructor informs you it is necessary.

Disruptive or unsafe behaviour will lead to removal from the class.

The following information applies to all courses:

  • Places are generally limited to 6 people. Future courses may have more slots, depending on instructor availability.
  • The age limit is 18+ for this course.
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Once we receive the completed registration form we’ll issue a PayPal invoice, a registrant’s place is only secured once the invoice is paid. Please note the invoice is not dispatched automatically, but generally soon after registration.
  • Registrants have a 24hr grace period from the invoice being sent to make payment, at which stage if no payment has arrived we will offer their slot to the next person on the waiting list for the course.
  • All personal details and contact details are held and stored offline and telephone contact details are only used in the event of an emergency. We may send the occasional email about events or reminders to make sure everyone gets word.
  • Please ensure that we are given details of any pertiment medical details or injuries.  We will always do our best to accommodate these in the training and adapt the class content, but we need to know beforehand. Not disclosing leads to increased risk to yourself and to your classmates.