Beginners Registration

The Intensive Beginners Course at Bladeworks 2018 is now FULL! The form below has been left in place so people can sign up for the back-up list in case we get any cancellations.

Medieval Combat Group will be running an Intensive Beginners Course from the 11th to 13th May as a part of our larger Belfast Bladeworks event. The course will cost the same as regular entry to the Bladeworks event (£95), and as well as the taught content of the course, will also give access to the social elements of Bladeworks and the food laid on for lunch and snacks on the Saturday and Sunday. Whilst the beginners course is going on, experienced HEMA practitioners from across Ireland and a few other countries will be training in a series of focussed workshops with guest instructors. The beginners course will consist of:

  • Friday 11th May: Basic introductory training – 6:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Saturday 12th May: Main course content – drills and partner-work – 10am to 5:30pm/6pm
  • Sunday 13th May: Consolidation, revision, and application: 10am to 11am longsword, 11am to 1pm free study & revision or optional classes, 1pm-2pm cutting class
  • Sunday 13th May: Optional classes (each an additional £5) 11am – 12pm Messer, 12pm – 1pm Staff

The course will run from at South13/S13 on the Boucher Road. Please note that as it’s quite a large warehouse, S13 can be a cold venue – dress for mobility but also for warmth, we’d recommend track bottoms, trainers, tshirt, and a hoodie that you can ditch or put back on easily as occasion demands.

The social elements will comprise of dinner on the Saturday night (cost of dinner not included) which will be in the training venue, and potentially a cinema set up in the venue, and drinks and anything else we arrange between now and then. Many of the HEMA practitioners will be ‘camping’ in the venue and the overall idea is to have a good social night to round off the full day of training on the Saturday.
The following information applies:

  • Places are limited to 12 people – future courses may have more slots, depending on instructor availability.
  • The age limit is 18+ for this course.
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Once we receive the completed registration form we’ll issue a PayPal invoice, a registrant’s place is only secured once the invoice is paid. Please note the invoice is not dispatched automatically, but generally soon after registration.
  • Registrants have a 24hr grace period to make payment, at which stage if no payment has arrived we will offer their slot to the next person on the waiting list for the course.
  • All personal details and contact details are held and stored offline and telephone contact details are only used in the event of an emergency. We may send the occasional email about events or reminders to make sure everyone gets word.
  • Please ensure that we are given details of any pertiment medical details or injuries.  We will always do our best to accommodate these in the training and adapt the class content, but we need to know beforehand. Not disclosing leads to increased risk to yourself and to your classmates.

Sunday 11am - MesserSunday 12pm - Staff

  • Contact details, other than email addresses, will only be used in case of emergency.
  • Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the art it is important that you respect the other members during drilling. Always make sure to take into account the level of anyone you work with. The techniques should be used as described and all movements, particularly attacks, should be controlled and safe.
  • Members must realise the potential danger of the activity and by agreeing to the terms and conditions show that they are both aware and accepting of the associated risks. By using proper technique and safety equipment these risks will be mitigated.
  • Members should accept that in the beginning stages of the training some contact and bruising is possible, especially when learning how to defend.
  • Causing intentional, unnecessary pain with a training partner is prohibited, whether in drilling or sparring. Any member who cannot conduct themselves in a safe or reasonable manner will be asked to leave, and we reserve the right to expel any pupil.
  • Instructors dictate the content of the lessons. All training weapons will either be the clubs own equipment or other weapons we have inspected and endorsed.