Beginners Courses

hengen-parryMedieval Combat Group, in conjunction with Historical Fencing N.I., run regular Beginners courses in Medieval swordsmanship. These courses give new starts a solid foundation in the basic techniques of longsword and messer, and will prepare new fencers for more advanced training in the regular Monday and Wednesday night classes.
For news and updates about courses and other events, check the Facebook pages for Historical Fencing N.I. and Medieval Combat Group. To be contacted about upcoming courses in advance, get in touch using our contact form and ask to be added to the mailing list.

We will generally attempt to run these courses as often as possible, but the exact number of students on each course may vary depending on venue and how many instructors are free to teach.

The Beginners courses costs £80 for the 8 week course, with one 2hour training session per week.  The £80 is payable either entirely up front, or as a £40 deposit and £40 at the first session – whether the £40/£40 split is offered may vary from course to course depending on various factors and size of course.  The price also includes Historical Fencing NI/HEMA Ireland membership.

Currently we are also about to trial run an Intensive Beginners Course at our Belfast Bladeworks event from Friday May 11th to Friday May 13th. As this forms a part of the Bladeworks event, pricing is the same price as a regular Bladeworks ticket – £95 for the full weekend. This price also includes Historical Fencing NI/HEMA Ireland membership.  The booking form can be found at Beginners Registration.

Please note that for any courses your booking is not considered complete until payment has been made.

Any queries, feel free to contact us.