Belfast Bladeworks 2018

On 12th & 13th May 2018, Medieval Combat Group will be hosting our yearly Belfast Bladeworks. For this year we’ll be taking Bladeworks back to its roots, with workshops and Fechtschules rather than competitive tournaments.  The full programme is at the bottom of this page, details on the workshops and instructors will be appearing on the Workshops page, and Equipment guidelines for the various Fechtschule will be posted shortly. The venue will be South13 on Belfast’s Boucher Road.

  • Accommodation details will follow, but we’re pleased to be able to offer fencers the option of ‘camping’ inside the venue at no additional cost.
  • We will have socialising and entertainment in the venue on the Saturday night – more details to come but we plan to keep as much as possible in-house to maximise on the amount of time available for fencing, socialising, and enjoying ourselves.
  • Registration is now CLOSED!
  • Please be aware of our Belfast Bladeworks 2018 Code of Conduct, let’s make this an excellent fun event!

Technical Workshops

Expanding on the old style of Bladeworks event, we’ll be offering multiple workshops on Scottish Broadsword/Sabre to support some intensive skills development for the growing sabre community on the island, along with workshops on longsword, rapier, sidesword, and sword & buckler.


The atmosphere we want to create is one of safe, technical fencing. So rather than a competitive elimination event, we will be running individual Fechtschule for broadsword/sabre, longsword, rapier, and messer.  Rather than the usual tournament format of pools, elimination bouts, and then finals, in a Fechtschule the fencers line up, fence bouts to a single mutually agreed good quality hit, with the winner staying on and selecting a new opponent from the line. At the end of the alloted time for the Fechtschule, each fencer is given a token, which they award to the person who has impressed them the most with their technical ability, conduct, or whichever other quality the fencer deems worthy.  The fencer who accumulates the highest number of tokens by their peers is awarded the prize for the Fechtschule.

Public Taster Workshops

We’ll be taking advantage of having a large amount of space and many fencers together at once to run multiple short taster classes for members of the public.  These classes will be approximately an hour long, and will not only serve as a basic introduction to Historical European Martial Arts, but also hopefully give a better appreciation for the levels of skill being shown in the various Fechtschule.  Book here for the Public Taster Sessions.


Saturday will be a closed training day for HEMA practitioners, focussing on technical workshops and skills development.  Sunday will have some technical workshop elements, but will mostly focus on Fechtschule sparring and public accessible workshops.  For both days, as much space as possible will be set aside for freeplay and open training for anyone not otherwise occupied by a technical workshop or Fechtschule.