Belfast Bladeworks

Belfast Bladeworks is our annual HEMA event and a chance for everyone who trains with us to get some excellent training and sparring with guest instructors and HEMA practitioners from near and far. As well as any standard format tournament that Bladeworks from time to time may include, Bladeworks always includes a skills based Fechtschule prize where each participant votes for the fencer who has impressed them the most during the sparring (whether through skill, sportsmanship, improvement, tenacity, or whichever other virtue thatparticipant wishes to recognise). You can find the list of those who have received this recognition on the Bladeworks Roll of Honour.

Bladeworks 2018

For 2018 we took Bladeworks back to its original format – a series of workshops to develop skills across multiple weapons, and Fechtschule format tournaments. In 2018 we were pleased to host Keith Farrel of the Academy of Historical Arts and Liverpool HEMA to teach a full day of skills development for sabre/broadsword.  The event also included workshops in longsword by Andrzej Rozycki of Cork Blademasters in Cork, Sword & Buckler by Paul Reck and Wayne Power of Goat’s Head Historical Fencing in Wexford, Sidesword & Dagger by Mattia Boiani of Sala D’Arme Achille Marozzo in Ede (Netherlands), Knife and Dagger by Jan Hoffman of Tremonia Fechten in Dortmund, and Destreza rapier by Matt O’Brien of Gray School of Arms in Dublin.

Bladeworks 2018 was our biggest event yet, with 56 fencers in attendance from at least six different countries, many of whom camped overnight in our venue to share food, drink, and generally enjoy each other’s company.

Bladeworks 2017

In 2017 Bladeworks was given over to one of the legs of the Irish Historical Fencing League and consisted of a steel longsword tournament followed by a fechtschule.

Bladeworks 2016

This was the inaugural year of the Irish Historical Fencing League, so Bladeworks shifted to a standard tournament format to host the final tournament of the League.

Bladeworks 2015

The first year of Bladeworks. For 2015 we had a full day of longsword training from Keith Farrell, followed on the second day by short workshops on messer from Ross Bailey of Medieval Combat Group, and on I.33 arming sword & buckler by Paul Reck of Goat’s Head Historical Fencing. The second day also contained our first ever longsword fechtschule!