Belfast Messer Workshop

Given the great training and exceptionally good fun we had this year when we brought Lauren Ireland and Christopher Halpin over to teach some of Leck├╝chner’s messer, we figured we’d not only do it again in 2018, but open it up outside our own group as well.

On 30th June/1st July 2018 we’re going to be bringing Chris & Lauren back over for another messer workshop.

The Saturday training we’ll open up to the rest of HEMA Ireland (and beyond if there are interested parties). For the morning, Lauren will be kicking things off by teaching a workshop on Leck├╝chner’s messer, and in the afternoon Chris will be applying Lignitzer’s sword & buckler material since it sits so nicely alongside messer.

Sunday we freely admit we’re being selfish and keeping them to ourselves for our own fun and development, but if we have spaces spare we might offer a few invitations.

Keep an eye on the event page for details and booking!