Bladeworks 2018 Registration – HEMA Practitioners

Registration for Bladeworks 2018 is now OPEN! Please note this registration form is for HEMA practitioners only! If you’re a member of the public booking for the taster sessions, please use the Bladeworks 2018 Public Session booking form HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form on this site, or on Facebook. The Bladeworks venue will be available for HEMA practitioners to sleep in overnight on Friday and Saturday for free!

Specific rules and equipment guidelines for the Fechtschules will be released shortly, but in the meantime, for anything involving intensive sparring, the equipment guidelines from last year’s Irish league tournament will be in place, which you can reference at the link below..

Rules, Guidance for Judges, and Equipment Guidelines – Belfast Open 2017 Rules, Equipment, Judges Guidance

Equipment Guidelines additional – FEDER Appendix on Weapon Flex – FEDER_regulamin_annex_1


I understand and accept this.

I understand and accept this.

I understand and accept this.

All payments must be in advance.

If enough people are around on Friday evening, we may arrange something.

Broadsword/Sabre Workshop 1Destreza RapierFree Sparring
Broadsword/Sabre Workshop 2Sidesword & DaggerFree Sparring
Broadsword/Sabre Workshop 3German LongswordFree Sparring

Rapier FechtschuleSword & BucklerLie in/Socialise
Longsword FechtschuleFree Sparring
Sabre FechtschuleMesser FechtschuleFree Sparring

Food provided will consist of Bread, Breakfast Cereals, Milk, Cheeses, Cooked Meats, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice. Dinners (not included in price) will consist of either large takeaway orders or one of the restaurants a short walk from the venue).

  • Early Bird prices are set at £75 or €85 until the first twenty spaces are taken. At this point prices will increase to £95 or €105. A daily raite is also available for £50 or €55
  • You must have current insurance to take part in anything other than the public sessions on the Sunday, whether this is through HEMA Ireland, Historical Fencing NI, BHFS, or elsewhere. We will not be making exceptions to this.
  • You must be over 18 to take part in this event.