Ross Bailey and Matthew Malcolm, Medieval Combat Group prepare for Culture Night Belfast 2014. Picture: Elaine Hill

Demonstrations & Outreach

We’re the first purely HEMA-oriented group in Northern Ireland, and we’re always happy to give demonstrations and taster classes at events to bring what we do to the wider public. The group has given demonstrations of medieval fighting techniques at European Heritage Open Days 2012, Culture Night Belfast 2014, 2015 and 2016, Country Fairs in 2013, various conventions like Q-Con and TitanCon, and for the Borderlines XIX Medieval History conference at Queen’s University Belfast. To contact us about giving demontrations at events, or other forms of outreach, contact us here, or get in touch on Facebook.

HEMA Study Groups

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to train in a class like ours, learn how to use a Medieval sword or dagger, and take part in the many and varied HEMA events? Obviously, if you’re close enough then come along to our class and you can do all of that. What if you’re not within travelling distance though? Many of the HEMA classes throughout the UK and across the world started life as study groups – a group of like-minded friends with the dedication to work through some of the sources and start making interpretations of techniques and training the basics. We’re more than happy to help potential study groups find their feet and can give advice on sources, equipment, safe training and lesson plans. If you can get the group to Belfast for a few days, or arrange a venue at your location for a few days, we’re even happy to see what we can do about helping you build a foundation of simple, effective techniques and skills. Think of it as a short, intensive beginners course that will leave you better equipped to safely run a starter group, along with some drills for creating and maintaining basic skills, and some familiarity with some of the easier-to-manage historical sources to let your group get training, get stuck into the research, and start working towards becoming a fully fledged training group with insurance, qualifications, and affiliations to one of the umbrella bodies.