In addition to instructors, Medieval Combat Group also has several Provosts – students of senior standing within the class who are trusted to help supervise class activities and help keep things running safely and smoothly.

Eddie Henry

Eddie has been training with the group since Summer 2013 and is currently the groups longest running student, and certainly one of the most enthusiastic. Whilst his main areas of study are the longsword and messer, Eddie is also keenly interested in sidesword, dagger work, and ringen.  Currently, though, he is focussing on augmenting his physical training in the class with a more in-depth look at the early Liechtenauer tradition sources that our longsword material is drawn from.

Rebecca Lucky

Rebecca has been training with the group since May 2017, but has quickly come along in her training and is currently one of the most active members. Due to being an excellent and pro-active ambassador for the group at events, and joining the group committee to help out with the organisation and running of Medieval Combat Group, Rebecca was made an honourary Provost in early 2018.