Women’s Longsword Workshops

Medieval Combat Group welcomes women to come and try a short taster longsword class taught by our very own Katja Poppenhaeger.

What can you expect from a class?

First we will warm up with some fun and games, then you will be able to watch a short demo from our experienced women fencers. We will then break this down and you start to learn the individual moves to recreate the demo for yourself!
After Class you are welcome to stick around for a while. Ask questions or watch the women in our club spar each other!

In all, it is aimed to be a fun and relaxed short intro to Historical European Martial Arts and the Longsword.
All spaces are currently taken, but drop us a message on Facebook to let us know you’re interested. If additional slots become available we’ll let you know, and it helps us to gauge interest levels for more events like this.

Looking forward to seeing you!

10:00-11:15: Womens public beginners class 1
11:30-12:45: Womens public beginners class 2
12:45- 13:15: lunch break
13:15-14:00: HEMA women freefencing
14:00-16:00: HEMA mixed sex freefencing