Longsword sparring for the crowds at Culture Night Belfast

We’re happy to give talks and demonstrations to groups and for events. Our instructors and students have given sparring demonstrations and demonstrations of technical swordsmanship at Culture Night Belfast for several years, at European Heritage Open Days, and at various local conventions and events such as TitanCon and at Carnfunnock Country Park.

Our instructors have also given presentations and demonstrations of the more academic side of HEMA – how our techniques and teachings are interpretations which stem from translations of original 15th and 16th century fencing manuscripts, how we understand interpret these manuscripts, not only as martially viable techniques (ie will this keep me safe if this was a fight with sharp swords), but also in the context of the history of the period. We have performed these demonstrations twice for the Borderlines medieval history conference at Queen’s University Belfast.

We have also visited classrooms to give a variant of these talks and demonstrations more suitable for a younger audience to tie in with the primary school curriculum.