Welcome to the list of interviews with guest instructors that we've hosted over the years, and a few with our own instructors.

Covid-19 Interviews

The COVID-19 situation, as we all know, has brought about the necessary cancellation of a lot of events and classes. A lot of our newer students, therefore, have not had the chance to get out there to experience the wider HEMA scene, meet some of our regular guest instructors, and see how things can differ from group to group. We thought we would give them the opportunity to ask those instructors some questions and find out a little about instructors they might run into at events around the UK and Ireland.

As we have had to start somewhere, this set of interviews of focussing on instructors from the UK and Ireland that we have had either guest teaching in the club, or at our Bladeworks event. All questions have been chosen by MCG students.

For comparison's sake, once the above set of interviews are complete, we'll be asking our own instructors the same questions.