Medieval Combat Group is run as a not-for-profit school. Our instructors don't take payment for teaching classes and organising content, and all surplus money after venue fees and insurances are paid goes into kit for the club and subsidising events and guest instructors. We also do our best to support other good causes as and when we can. Here's you'll find some of our more recent avtivities in that respect.

MCG Winter Tournament

In late 2019, we ran an internal tournament to historical ruleset to round off the year of training for our members. The Franco-Belgian tournament ruleset is essentially a King of the Hill tournament, where each time you lose a bout you lose a life. Once you lose all of your lives you're out of the tournament, and the last fencer standing wins. We decided to make things more interesting by fundraising for a good cause (we were getting close to Christmas after all), and awarding the MCG students with the highest amount of funds raised some extra lives for the tournament. All in all the group raised £1150, which was donated to Cause NI (provides practical support and guidance to friends and family who have a loved one with mental health issues).

Morrigan's Melee 2019

To mark International Women's Day 2019, Medieval Combat Group kicked off the Morrigan's Melee event - our guest instructor Helen Gallagher taught a free longsword workshop for women in the morning of the event, and in the afternoon women fencers from three of the HEMA clubs across the island fought in a fechtschule format steel longsword tournament. Donations were taken in the run-up and throughout the event, and the group raised £450 which was donated to Belfast & Lisburn Women's Aid.