These are regular HEMA sparring sessions hosted by Medieval Combat Group. Attendance is ONLY open to HEMA practitioners who have current membership/insurance of a HEMA/WMA school.

Sparring sessions are untaught, and £5 per session.

The following guidelines apply:
1) The following kit is mandatory – for steel, full sparring kit (minimum of mask with back of head, SPES/Neyman jacket or equivalent, Sparring Gloves/SPES heavies/Konings or equivalent, elbow protection, gorget, very much advise chest protector for the ladies and cup for the men); for nylon, mask and gloves minimum, preferably with a bit of torso padding.

2) 3 sparring areas where possible, might be reduced to 2 if there’s any small scale teaching going on. Whichever, make sure you have enough space to keep everyone safe.

3) No need to do Fechtschule style lines or anything, just find someone willing and fence. Grab a third person to ref/help keep track if you can. Either fight first to five and winner stays on (but not for more than two or three fights in a row), or first to 15 and both go off after. If there’s another area free with no-one waiting on it feel free to go back on, but please make sure others have the chance.

4) Try and keep at least one area for nylon. (Unless no-one present that day has/wants to do nylon, obviously.)

5) Try and spar everyone present at least once. Use sparring cards if they’re there, or pull technique names out of a hat; try and stretch yourself in terms of techniques.

6) If there isn’t appropriate equipment/safety stuff to do something, DON’T DO IT. Only sparring-safe HEMA weapons are to be used.

7) Stay controlled. Anyone fighting recklessly/uncontrolledly/dangerously will be ejected.

8) Stay controlled. Don’t hit the floor with your weapon. It’s a nice floor, we’d like to keep it nice.

9) Stay controlled. Don’t hit the floor with your opponent. It’s a nice floor. It might be a nice opponent. We have no mats in the venue, and with a mix of people from various clubs, we’ve no guarantee who can throw safety or fall safely.