Here you’ll find links to equipment manufacturers, reference material, and other useful sites.

Historical Sources & Reference Material

Wiktenauer is by far one of the most useful sites out there, a crowdsourced and crowdfunded platform for digital copies, transcriptions, and translations of historical fencing texts.

Iron Gate Exhibition (IGX) is a HEMA event in New England which includes, alongside workshops and tournaments, an excellent series of lectures on HEMA. Some of these are available on youtube at the following address, and are an excellent resource for learning some background:

General Resources:

Esfinges: The first female international HEMA network, created to unite and support women martial artists, as well as to encourage more women to take up the practice of Historical European Martial Arts.

HROARR is a free online HEMA magazine/resource hosting articles, research, and much more.

HEMA Equipment Suppliers:

This is by no means an exhaustive list, we’ve kept it to suppliers that our instructors and students have used the products of. For any of our students reading this, the below list is a good place to start for getting an idea of anything you’d like to order. Please talk to us beforehand though – sometimes we’ll have specific feedback, sometimes we’ll be able to point you towards something better for your purposes.

SPES: Jackets, breeches, mask overlays, much of the standard protective gear for tournament level sparring.

Knight Shop/HEMA Shop: Excellent resource for general equipment – stocking SPES, Sparring Gloves, Red Dragon Synthetics, etc. Also offering discount to club members:

Sparring Gloves: One of the most common forms of hand protection for tournament level HEMA:

Regenyei Armory: Regenyei longswords have been a staple of longsword fencing in many places.

Ensifer: Several of the MCG club members fence with Ensifer longswords, and the standard Ensifer messers are very much in evidence in the MCG messer class.

Malleus Martialis: Very nice sideswords!

Sigi Forge: A relatively new company but producing high quality longsword feders.

Landsknecht Emporium: Lovely historically accurate messers, knives, and some longswords.

HEMA Blogs

Keith Farrell is one of the regular guest instructors to the island, with a blog on his professional HEMA instructor website that often contains excellent articles:

Sword STEM: Physics and science in general applied to swords, their use, tournament stats, and everything else. Well worth a read for mechanics and principles and generally interesting stuff: