The Art That Adorns You 2019

Several of our fencers attended this awesome event hosted by York School of Defence in April. The Art That Adorns You is an excellent event hosted by an excellent club, entirely in the spirit of good fun and good skilled technical fencing. We’re already counting down the days til next year!

If you had any doubts about how fun the event is, take a look at the huge smiles of everyone in the group photo! (photograph courtesy of Valerie HEMA photographer).

Every workshop we attended was not only excellently run, but exceptional fun, and tied everything back into the sources and background context in a lovely manner. And for a change of pace there was spacehopper jousting at lunchtimes!

One of our instructors, Ross, taught a messer workshop at the event, which not only referenced the historical messer sources and background social context, but also managed to work in Star Trek IV and conkers as well. Ross also picked up the gold in the Discipulus Artis Dimicatoriae tournament, though seemed much more impressed by the chocolate dinosaur that came with it 🙂

The medalists from
the Discipulus Artis Dimicatoriae tournament at The Art That Adorns You 2019.