Medieval Combat Group holds classes on a weekly basis in Belfast, with a new term-based longsword class which kicked off in Comber in March. Longsword classes in Belfast take place on a Monday evening, and messer classes in Belfast take place on a Wednesday evening. The Comber classes runs on Saturday mornings. Each class is 2 hours long.

The mailing list sign-up form in the sidebar is an excellent way to keep up with the group adn get news of upcoming beginners courses. If you’re interested in joining us, we would highly recommend subscribing.

The Belfast classes are intermediate level classes, to join one of our beginners courses must be completed. Currently there are three ways to do this:

  1. Enrol in one of our 8 week beginners courses. These run approximately every three months, and cover all content necessary to join the regular classes. The cost for the entire course is £80, and also covers membership of Historical Fencing NI/HEMA Ireland.
  2. The course content can also be covered by private lessons with one of our instructors. Availability of this option depends on instructor schedule and venue availability. Prices are generally around £25 per hour depending on venue.
  3. Join the Comber class and complete a term.

The Comber class is term based (currently planned for 10 weeks of training and then a 3 week gap before the next term) and will focus on the longsword. Anyone who completes a full term in the Comber class will essentially have completed one of the Belfast class beginners courses and will be more than welcome in the regular Belfast intermediates classes.

We also run regular public taster classes to allow people to try things out and decide whether HEMA is for them before committing to a beginners course.