Ross teaching a messer workshop, assisted by Matt, at Féile na Gaiscígh

Our instructors also teach workshops for a variety of events outside the group. Matt and Ross have taught workshops for multiple HEMA events around Ireland, both teaching at Féile na Gaiscígh in Dublin over the years, and Ross also teaching at Días de Muertos – Leitrim Longswords’ Halloween Extravaganza!

Later in 2019, Ross will also be in York teaching a messer workshop at The Art That Adorns You hosted by York School of Defense, and Matt will be in Germany teaching a longsword workshop at Tremonia Fechtschule hosted by Tremonia Fechten.

Medieval Combat Group can also provide beginner level workshops for non-HEMA events, and has provided basic level classes in longsword, messer, broadsword/sabre, staff, dagger, and sickle, for the Game of Thrones convention TitanCon, and also Q-Con at Queen’s University, and European Heritage Open Days on the Derry Walls and at the Playhouse Theatre.

We have also hosted group workshops individually tailored for private parties for a variety of occasions.